Online dating sucks, truly it does.  If you are an average acting person, thin, attractive, it might work for you.  If you deviate from the norm at all, good luck.  At least with major sites like match or OKCupid.  I tried it out a few months ago with no luck.  One dude made sexual advances which I turned down at which point he called me Moby Dick.  Another I had some conversation with but we didn’t click so when he asked what I thought of him I said I didn’t think we had much in common, so he said I was too big for him anyway.  People are AWESOME!  My friend recently had an opposite but also frustrating experience.  She is pretty and thin and the only messages she has gotten have been you’re beautiful/hot/whatever.  For her, this is not great b/c she would prefer for someone to actually read her profile and message her about something other than looks.  The only guy that referenced her profile was one that commented on the fact that she reads and then said he hoped she doesn’t read romance novels, which she does, because she should read something “more cerebral”.  The world is full of jerks and douchenozzles and they congregate on online dating sites.  Why is it that being online makes people ignore the humanity of the people on the other end of their missives?  I sincerely doubt that the jackoff who called me Moby Dick would have done so to my face after I rejected his advances in a club.  Yet because the interaction took place online, he felt it was okay to say something that horrible.

Then there is the Big Bang Theory Theory (C).  Today it is difficult for nerd girls to get any love, unless they are traditionally hot.  It used to be that nerd boys would bow down for a girl who knows about Kashyyk and the difference between a Cardassian and a Kardashian.  Now, things have changed.  Because of that damn TV show, The Big Bang Theory.  All nerd guys now think they are going to end up with Penny.  They have decided that they would rather have a hot, non-nerdy girlfriend because now they think they can get her.  Apparently, they were only wasting their time with nerd girls when they thought they couldn’t do any better.  So those of us who actually have something in common with them are buds and they hit on the booth babes.  We can’t win.